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That year deserves a present :)

Dear friends, listeners and party people, 2019 has been an amazing year for me and mostly because of you.

The Hot'n'Spicy records have been flying to your decks and I'm humbled and delighted you enjoyed them so much. It's hard to express how thankful I am but I guess you understand.

I have been able to play at outstanding parties like Concrete for NYE and the Madlib party ( thanks Brice for your trust ). I have been blessed to play every month at Badaboum alongside outstandings line ups ( thanks Nadir, Benjamin and the Badaboum's team).

I also played some gigs for the brand new Club Sacré by Martin Munier and that was great. I have been traveling all around Europe from Berlin to Marseille thanks to my amazing agent Julien from Mascarade ( who helps me a lot ).

You guys have been with me all the time to each and every party. As a modest thanks, i want to offer you that Rework i have been playing all the time. You can download it on Soundcloud with that link.

Special thanks to: Didier, John, Blaise, Julien, Nadir, Brice, Martin, Benjamin, Maxye, Gregory, Butch, Soul Clap, the WTMF team, Sneaky Simon, Daniel, Interstellar Funk, Moritz Von Oswald, Bradley Zero, and many more

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