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News and gigs

Folk, i hope you are all good and happy.

Here are some news :

Since the Pressing plant has been late, the Hot'n'Spicy 03 will be out first third of june instead of end of may. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

I have been working on a new project called Hot'Only. It's about reworking some obscure erotic tracks from the 6Oies and making it available to you so you can play them and discover them. It's up and running on my soundcloud and you can buy the songs on Bandcamp.

Regarding Gigs, it's been a great month. I have been sharing the decks with Soul Claps + an amazing All night Long at Concrete and some more. I will be sharing the decks with Moritz Von Oswald on friday 17 of may at Badaboum and playing at Sacré ( new super club in Paris ) at the end of the month.

In June, i will be joining the West Coast for the Mascarde Weekender festival and many others things :)

Take care guys !

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